Hi i’m becca!


Hi! Thank you for coming to my blog where I write about my journey to find happiness through fashion, music and everyday life.

I’ve always been a writer. From jotting down rants in my diary, to making up short stories, I’ve always enjoyed putting what’s inside my brain, in the physical black and white.

I can remember being in first grade and writing an entire 104 page (handwritten in cursive of course) book about a magical land I’d made up. Nerd alert! But it really did make me so happy, excited, and very proud to create something that took so much time and thought.

I want to be able to channel that feeling of accomplishment I felt, and share it with others. Hopefully, I can inspire more people to do the things they love, and find happiness in themselves as well as life around them. 

So I thought, why not start a blog? Well, that thought ended up being “just a thought” for quite some time. I never really knew what I would write about that people would actually be interested in reading… So I purchased a website and just let it sit there for almost an entire year with no blogging attempts.

With the idea of a blog still on the back burner, I was recently reminded of the fact that I should be considering what makes me personally happy, and maybe that would be a good place to start. After all, the original intent for the website was to be all about self happiness and what better place to find that than within my own findings. The idea being, if you love yourself, then you will level up in life.

So, after contemplating for so long, I ultimately decided to just jump right in and to blog about whatever makes me happy; specifically fashion, music and random things that happen in my everyday life. I hope you enjoy my stories, and can be inspired in some way or another!





    Things I Love and Why:
    • Family – Well, this one’s pretty self-explanatory… I mean, where would I even be without them?
    • Life – I am so happy and lucky to be living on this gorgeous planet with such interesting adventures at every turn.
    • Disney – Ever since I was a baby I was exposed to Disney. I grew up with it and became obsessed with the movies, songs and even Disney World (I try to go every year at least once!)
    • Harry Potter – This is another one that I’ve loved for pretty much my entire life. The entire universe is so fascinating to me and so magically amazing.
    • Lord of the Rings – See above… haha but seriously. I’m actually watching the first movie as I write this.
    • Aerosmith – I started loving Aerosmith for their catchy and meaningful songs on guitar hero. I would play that game for hours after school and that really inspired me to pursue music later on in life, (with them being one of my biggest inspirations).
    • Creating – Whether it be constructing an entire Buzz Lightyear suit for Halloween, writing songs and poems, or drawing/painting, I love to create things.