Eli’s Ark Review

I recently went to the cutest new gelato place in Chicago called Eli’s Ark. In addition to their adorable gelato creations, they also serve up a number of delectable French pastries made daily.

Customers are given the option of turning their classic or unique gelato flavors into one of six different animals for just 50 cents more than a regular cone! But wait, there’s more! Customers also have the option of “piggybacking” as they call it (multiple animal scoops on top of each other), where you can choose up to 4 different animals and flavors!

Not only is their gelato cute and delicious, but as soon as you walk in, you are greeted by two different photo areas perfect for your next Instagram post.

On the left, there’s a big “Life is sweet” sign hanging over some fake grass and fall colored leaves. Maybe they’ll switch it up with every season?

On the right, there’s a wall covered in wooden slats with some modern wicker chairs in front.

It was genius of them to create insta-worthy spots to tie it all in together because who wouldn’t want to post these cute little guys?!

Overall, this place exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to go back! Head over to my Instagram to leave a comment of how your gelato experience was!

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